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Earl Schenck Miers. Edmonds S. Biography of Robert E. Lee Illustrated Edition. Bradley Gilman. J S C Abbott. The Battle of Gettysburg He seems to have gone every October to visit in Amelia County the Stegers, the marriage family of his sister Mary.

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In these journeys and visits he was ex- tending the knowledge of Virginia which he had begun to acquire in boyhood from stories told by his father and had later developed by eager and wide study. All his experi- ences afforded subjects for the numerous articles he was now producing. Historical narratives, as well as fictitious ones, were based on his well-loved History of the Valley of Virginia by Kercheval, supplemented by a first-hand knowl- edge of the lower Valley.

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The familiarity with Fairfax and Washington family history and legend served as a basis for "Early Haunts of Washington," in the New York Times, for the handsomely illustrated "Greenway Court" which was featured in Putnam's for June, , and for a romance which ran as a serial in the Messenger and was later issued in book form as Fairfax. A journey from Richmond to the Valley by the water route resulted in a sonnet, "Sunset on the Chesapeake.

He was fond of historical fact, but he liked to contemplate it in terms of romance. He was not only a literary critic but a critic of manners who saw in the past fine ideals which had been sadly departed from. This theme afforded him the material for several magazine articles ; his first contribution to Putnam's August, actually bore the title, "Virginia Past and Present. He was the author of the "Unpublished Mss. By Motley Ware, Esq. Along with the burlesques of Carlyle, Dumas, and others Cooke solemnly included one of himself, or rather of such of his work as had appeared under his pseudonym, "Pen Ingleton, Esq.

A Story of the Valley of Vir- ginia 1 was finished the following spring and its author, having gone in May as far as New York with "Wattle" Leigh on the latter 's way to California, arranged with the Harpers for its publication. Cooke experienced keen joy in correcting the proof, which he received in Virginia in driblets; but when the book was on the eve of its appear- ance the Harper fire destroyed everything except a stereo- typed impression preserved in a vault.

The author first learned of the fire from the New York Times — which of course did not print a list of the contents of the vault — and despairingly believed that his labor had been in vain. The Harper presses were soon going again, however, and the summer of saw the appearance of Leather Stock- ing and Silk. Irving was the literary grand old man of Cooke's youth, and Leather Stocking and Silk owes him more than a little. Contemporary American critics seem not to have noticed this debt to the author of the Sketch-Book, but the London Athenaeum referred to it and Cooke admitted it.

The names of several important characters are Dutch. The style of the book is Irvingesque, particularly in passages which contrast the old with the new in the life of the Vir- ginia border. Many of the chapters are little more than genial "familiar" essays wholly unnecessary for the ad- vance of the plot.

The Cooper influence was more obvious but less subtle.

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The " Leatherstocking Tales" suggested the title, and as a border tale the novel belongs to the school in which Cooper holds primacy. This initial volume exemplifies Professor Brander Mat- thews 's statement that an author, in his first book, tries to tell everything he knows. Cooke himself says of the genesis of Leather Stocking and Silk: "The story was suggested 1 In, this and other titles, Cooke's punctuation has been retained. In drawing Max, Jr. Pantoufle was Pa's fencing master, M. It shows a kinship with his magazine essays and stories.

In the case of the "Scenes of Barry" the adaptation was so complete that Cooke "bought back" from the Harpers the article for which he had first received pay. The Bateman children inspired the theatrical scene in which little Sally plays a star part. The long speech of the old negro woman is a tribute to Cooke's negro "mammy.

A fondness for Richter, expressed in the autobiography, is seen in the chapter named for that writer. Some of Cooke's own poems are interpolated as the compositions of one of the characters.