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His home is the Cloudsong, but he likes to travel from time to time. He is currently on an epic journey across the continent. The Windsinger is an elongated, wingless dragon. His body is pale green, its length lined with darker green spines. Ethereal, wispy clouds bunch about his neck, limbs, and tail. They were the first of the Eleven to be birthed into the world.

He and the rest of the Four decided to end the magical chaos that had birthed them, spending the next few millennia forming the world into their own images. Over this period of time, the Windsinger traced lines of air currents around the globe, crafting clouds as if painting them with a colossal brush. Though the Four were happy with their combined efforts, they were not without their differing opinions on the direction their young planet should take. The Windsinger believed that air should be the prevalent element.

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He proclaimed that "The air should be filled with a thousand screaming vortexes, singing a song that the Heavens will never forget. The Windsinger warred with the Tidelord , stirring up roiling, violent storms.

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The cataclysmic energy created by their relentless attacks made the clouds themselves swell with anger. It was not long until the charged mass expelled a horrendous cascade of electric tempests, as well birthing a frustrated Stormcatcher. The book begins in the walled city of Aramanth, an extreme meritocracy where endless exams and ratings are the only way to move forward to improved life stations; to be unsuccessful in this is seen as a great source of shame.

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Using a system based on colour classifications, the governing Examiners dictate what people can wear, where they can live and what jobs they can do. The levels are grey, maroon , orange, scarlet and white, with the muddy Underlake the lowest and white the highest. The Emperor is the only person allowed to wear blue.

A minority in their society, the Haths believe more in ideas and dreams than in endless toil and ratings. When young Kestrel defies the harsh classification system of Aramanth she flees, finding herself in the company of the Emperor of Aramanth. Thought to be the ruler of the city, he is found to be merely a puppet of the High Examiner, and the Emperor tells Kestrel of the need to rid Aramanth of the influence of the evil Morah, of the need to return the voice to the mysterious Wind Singer that stands in the city arena.

Using an archaic map given to her by the Emperor she sets off, joined by her twin brother, Bowman, and their brave but pitiful new friend, Mumpo, who has an unshakeable affection for Kestrel.

They meet a variety of tribes and individuals including the fearsome nomadic clans of Ombaraka and Omchaka. The journey eventually leads them to the Halls of the Morah; the very heart of the evil that has taken control of the city.

Site Search:. Windsinger - General Prestige Class This is a general Prestige class that may be applicable to the Forgotten Realms Campaign Songs and sea-shanties have always had their place on the open ocean, where superstitious sailors found comfort, solace, and relief from boredom in hundreds of ballads, jigs, and other songs. Hit Die : d8 To qualify to become a Windsinger, a character must fulfill all the following criteria: Skills : Perform must include song, ballad or chant 10 ranks, Knowledge nature 5 ranks. Spells : Able to cast 0-level spells Special : The character must have survived a great trial at sea.