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Charles Grey. That winter, as the American army endured hardships at Valley Forge , Andre enjoyed the British occupation of Philadelphia. Living in Benjamin Franklin's house, which he later looted, he was a favorite of the city's Loyalist families and entertained numerous ladies, including Peggy Shippen.

In May , he planned an elaborate party for Howe before his return to Britain. That summer, the new commander, Gen. Moving with the army, Andre participated in the Battle of Monmouth on June Because of his conduct, Andre was promoted to major and made adjutant-general of the British Army in America, reporting to Clinton. In April , his portfolio was expanded to include overseeing the British intelligence network in North America.

A month later, Andre received word from American Maj. Benedict Arnold that he wished to defect. Arnold had married Shippen, who used her prior relationship with Andre to open communication. A secret correspondence ensued in which Arnold asked for equal rank and pay in the British Army in exchange for his loyalty.

While he negotiated with Andre and Clinton regarding compensation, Arnold provided a variety of intelligence. That fall, communications broke off when the British balked at Arnold's demands.

The Two Spies: Nathan Hale and John André

Sailing south with Clinton late that year, Andre took part in the operations against Charleston , South Carolina, in early They began corresponding regarding a price for Arnold's defection and the surrender of West Point to the British. On Sept.

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Concerned about his aide's safety, Clinton instructed Andre to remain vigilant and in uniform at all times. Reaching the rendezvous point, Andre slipped ashore on the night of Sept. Arnold took Andre to the house of Joshua Hett Smith to complete the deal. Talking through the night, Arnold agreed to sell his loyalty and West Point for 20, pounds. Dawn arrived before the deal was completed and American troops fired on the Vulture, forcing it to retreat down the river.

Trapped behind American lines, Andre had to return to New York by land. He expressed concern about taking this route to Arnold, who provided Andre with civilian clothes and a pass for getting through American lines.

American History - Revolutionary War

He also gave Andre papers detailing West Point's defenses. Smith was to accompany him for most of the journey.

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The two spies: Nathan Hale and John André

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Paperback, 68 Pages. This item has not been rated yet. This book can be read in two ways. They were both young men, well educated, endowed with genius and ability for conspicuous achievements, brave and accomplished soldiers, pure and virtu This volume was published in They were both young men, well educated, endowed with genius and ability for conspicuous achievements, brave and accomplished soldiers, pure and virtuous in private char- acter, truthful, manly, refined in thoughts and manners, hand- some in person, lovely in disposition, and beloved by all who knew them.

Yet they were spies! For this reason a man of honor, who would not expose himself to die by the hand of a common executioner, ever declines serving as a spy. He considers it beneath him, as it can seldom be done without some kind of treachery. Stratagem, an artifice or scheme for deceiving an enemy in war, is re- garded as honorable, but is it not seldom exercised " with- out some kind of treachery "?

It is the motive which gives true character to the deed. When the motive is a purely mercenary one, the deed is dishonorable ; when it is the lofty one of a desire to serve one s country or his race, unselfishly, the act is certainly honorable.

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  • Nathan Hale truthfully said, " Every kind of service necessary for the public good becomes honorable by being necessary. Hale said : " I wish to be useful. If the exigencies of my country demand a peculiar service, its claims to the performance of that service are imperious. He said to the American officers present, " I request you, gentlemen, that you will bear me witness to the world that I die like a brave man.

    He said, " I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country! Stuart, was published at Hartford, in a small volume of pages. It is an exhaust- ive work. To these two books I acknowledge much in debtedness. The spirited pen-and-ink sketches which illustrate this little volume were largely copied from original drawings by the author; also from other original drawings and auto- raphs.

    The two pictures, Cunningham destroying Hales Letters, and The Tournament, are original designs by the artist. Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , pages. More Details