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Once the round starts, the neutral Australium briefcase is unobtainable for 45 seconds.

Once taken by a member of a team, the Australium becomes property of that team by switching to that team's color and will emit gold sparkles, small clothing particles and a long golden trail. If the carrier is killed, the briefcase will be dropped and can only be picked up by the same team. If the opposing team successfully defends it for a duration of 45 seconds, it will return to its original location and become neutral again, allowing either team to take it. Players must take the Australium to a loading platform.

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Only the team with the Australium can make the platform operate. Similar to the Payload Cart , the platform will gradually dispense health and ammo to friendly players. Unlike the Payload Cart, the speed of the loading platform is not dependent on the number of teammates on it; only the teammate carrying the Australium can move the platform. If the Australium is dropped or the Australium leaves the platform, the platform will retreat and gradually return to its original position.

Once the platform reaches the top of the rocket, a compartment on the nose of the rocket will open. The team that places the Australium in this compartment will launch the rocket, winning the game. Note that once the Australium compartment is open, the platform no longer needs to be raised in order to launch the rocket. As long as a player is able to make contact with the compartment, the rocket will launch.

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June 27, Patch Pyromania Update. October 29, Patch Scream Fortress April 25, Patch. The Australium briefcase emitting clothing Particle effects. Jump to: navigation , search. Please add a suitable image, then remove this notice. Gentlemen, find that Australium and today we make history!

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Main article: Community Special Delivery strategy. Main article: List of maps. Main article: Astro-chievements.

Pile Of Ash. Special Delivery.

Special Delivery

Meet the Pyro. Astro-chievements How to. The adoptive couple must submit proof of employment and have a stable employment record. The adoptive couple must be in good physical, mental, and emotional health. Because of the health risks of second hand smoke, Special Delivery does not consider placing a baby into the home of a smoker to be in the best interest of the child.

The adoptive couple must be committed to affirming and acknowledging the brave decisions that the birthmothers have made who choose adoption over abortion. Prospective adoptive parents must understand and realize that birthmothers who consider adoption as the best loving decision for their child are worthy of honor and respect.

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The adoptive couple needs to be financially secure. How much money a couple earns is not nearly as important as how well they manage what they have.

The adoptive couple must attend a 2 hour adoptive couple orientation and adoption education classes. The adoptive couple must be able to allow the child to receive generally accepted medical care and treatment including life-saving and invasive procedures as recommended by competent licensed medical care providers. The Board reserves the right to accept or reject any applicant based upon what the Board determines is in the best interest of the mission of this agency.