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Toting guns, ramming mopeds. This is no way to build trust in our police

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UK Edition. US Edition. Log in using your social network account. What are VitalSource eBooks? For Instructors Request Inspection Copy. What does it mean to trust the police? What makes the police legitimate in the eyes of the policed? What builds trust, legitimacy and cooperation, and what undermines the bond between police and the public? These questions are central to current debates concerning the relationship between the British police and the public it serves. Yet, in the context of British policing they are seldom asked explicitly, still less examined in depth. Drawing on psychological and sociological explanatory paradigms, Just Authority?

Second, it uncovers the social ecology of trust and legitimacy and, third, it describes the relationships between trust, legitimacy and cooperation.

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This book contains many important lessons for practitioners, policy-makers and academics. In line with work from the United States and elsewhere, Just Authority? When people find policing to be unfair, disrespectful and careless of human dignity, not only is trust lost, legitimacy is also damaged and cooperation is withdrawn as a result. Absent such public support, the job of the police is made harder and the avowed objectives of less crime and disorder placed ever further from reach. Part 1: Introduction 1. Social and moral connections, 2. Design of the study Part 2: Trends and trajectories 3.

1st Edition

Twenty-five years of public confidence in the police, 4. Twenty-five years of public contact with the police Part 3: Why do people trust the police?

American Cops vs British Cops (Bobbies)

What is trust in the police? They make mistakes. When firearms are involved, they can be fatal. In the 80s, when guns were handed out more freely, Stephen Waldorf , a film editor, was shot repeatedly in west London in mid afternoon because he looked like an escaped prisoner. He was severely injured but survived. The case led to restrictions on the use of firearms. More important still was the case of Cherry Groce , the mother of someone suspected of having a firearm. The police raid on her house in by exhausted officers led to them shooting her and leaving her paralysed.

The riot that ensued was the second in four years in Brixton, in south London, with devastating consequences for the area and for police and public trust. We could look to the United States for a warning. Lethal police mistakes there come to our attention with terrifying regularity. On Friday, the Dallas police officer who shot an unarmed black man in his own flat because she thought it was hers was finally indicted for manslaughter.

This is rare in the US, where simply a fear of being threatened is accepted as justification for killing unarmed people. In London, that verdict prompted rioting after the officer who shot Mark Duggan in Tottenham in was acquitted, despite the weapon being found yards from the vehicle in which he was in.

Just Authority?: Trust in the Police in England and Wales (Hardcover) -

Respect for the whole criminal justice system is affected by such events; it can reflect deep mistrust between the ethnic-minority communities and the police, made worse by harsh economic conditions. In this context, another new Met policy of addressing moped robberies by knocking riders to the ground could have fatal consequences. For supporters of tough policing, such events are merely collateral damage against a rising tide of lawlessness on our streets. But for communities used to decades of police harassment, each such incident symbolises what is seen as an abuse of power.

It sets back genuine police efforts to improve public trust. They are most vulnerable to violence because they are on the streets more than the rest of us.